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What we do


Specializing in the marketing of new technologies, we help build businesses of all sizes, from startups to large-scale multinational corporations.

01. Strategy

Winning means making the right moves. But it’s often hard to see the next step. That’s where we come in. With our extensive startup experience, we can crystallize your game plan with greater clarity and optimize your chances of the ultimate checkmate.

02. Communications

Articulating your value proposition can be challenging, especially when you offer multiple values. We can help you effectively communicate your brand’s value to your customers, partners, and investors with powerfully written digital and print communications. 

03. Engagement

Engagement is about finding your audience and encouraging them to interact with you. We can help generate refreshing, relevant content that will appeal to your customers, and help you find the right platforms to maximize your engagement.

Our Founder

Redwood MBD’s founder is Cheryl Steets, an award-winning B2B and B2C marketing and operations strategist with extensive expertise in helping to launch innovative startups. Since 1999, Cheryl has helped grow technology companies of all sizes, working with angel-funded startups as well as large global corporations on growth and exit strategies that have covered the gamut from private ownership transitions to the multi-billion-dollar acquisition of a public company.

Cheryl is also an academically trained philologist and holds a Ph.D. from UCLA with 14 languages studied at the graduate level. With a deep understanding of international cultures and histories, she excels at maximizing team efficiencies in global, multicultural environments. For more, see Cheryl’s LinkedIn page.


What We Do Best


Bringing new tech companies and products to market effectively


Creating anticipation for new products and renewed excitement for existing product lines

Business Development

Helping young or growing businesses mature through creative sales strategies and partnerships

Strategic Leadership

Providing strategic leadership for internal & external marketing teams

Product Development

Guiding product development with prospect and customer insights


Taming the chaos that startups can generate, using time-trusted operational controls

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